The Implications of Testosterone Deficiency on Health

Experts are beginning, slowly, to decipher what low testosterone levels are, and how this influences a man’s general health. Implications have already been found on some devices and systems, so that future studies are to be pursued in the hope that such information will be much larger and will assist patients.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone secreted by the testes in men (mainly) and adrenal glands (in smaller amount), in women. Its role is important ever since the intrauterine period, when involved in sexual differentiation in genital development of the prostate and seminal vesicles. In postnatal life, namely childhood and pre-puberty, testosterone is important in bone growth, accelerated bone maturation, development and stimulating of the sebaceous glands in both boys and girls.

The maximum secretion of testosterone begins to be reached after the body reaches puberty. During this period testosterone is responsible for the emergence and maturation of secondary sexual characteristics, for auxiliary hairiness appearance, body, and facial, pubic, to increase the size of the penis and to stimulate the development of seminal tissue (thereby influencing fertility). In mature body, testosterone maintains all these sexual characters, boosts libido, maintains muscle tone and stimulates mental and physical energy (zur webseite).

Age is one of the factors involved in reduced secretion of testosterone. It seems that after the age of 30 years, the testosterone level decreases by 1-2% annually. This reduction in testosterone is associated with a lower rate of survival. Low testosterone translates clinically mainly in reduced libido by reducing erectile function and increasing the risk of osteoporosis by night sleep rhythm disorders, insomnia, lethargy and mood swings.testosterone and therapy

Thanks to the very important role of testosterone in the body, many diseases have been linked, over time, with the decrease of secretion and synthesis of testosterone. The most common are diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and hypertension. Although currently it recognizes that not the actual decrease of testosterone itself is the main etiological factor of these diseases and the administration of hormonal products based testosterone is not a cure, experts believe that the reduction in time of this hormone can influence the overall health of the body.

Are Men Driven by Their Libido?

mens libidoMen’s testosterone levels rise on average by 8% when there is a woman in their proximity, no matter if the person is considered attractive by the opposite sex or not, indicates a study by researchers at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, taken from

After 300 seconds spent in the same room with a woman who you’ve met for the first time and you do not necessarily consider attractive, a man’s testosterone level increases on average by 8%.

Increased levels of testosterone may be an automatic and unconscious reaction developed by representatives of the male gender when they are in the presence of women in order to facilitate a possible chance of reproduction, the study authors argued (testosteron kaufen).

According to the source, there are visible changes in testosterone levels in men and behavioral level, the most common signals in the presence of women is the straightening of the shoulders, a more pronounced gestures palette and even shaking nostrils. The same hormonal factor could explain and exaggerations regarding career, work, education or income that men make in discussions with women, researchers believe.

The study, published in the medical journal Hormones and Behavior, involved 63 students, aged between 21 and 25 years, whose identities were not disclosed for research purposes.

Their testosterone levels were measured using samples of saliva. They were asked to complete a puzzle, while in the room were “stimuli” – moderately attractive women, which they could engage in conversation or not. After 15 minutes into the experiment, subjects had again measured their testosterone levels.

The researchers recorded an increase in testosterone levels, which did not depend directly on the level of attractiveness of the woman. “We found that levels of testosterone increase after only five minutes of exposure to a representative of the opposite sex.
The results indicate that “changes in testosterone levels may be a male body’s automatic response that activates receptors in organs and the nervous system to prepare the body for procreation” – Leander van der Meij said, being the lead researcher.

Researchers believe that one of the functions of testosterone is to attract partners, causing behavioral changes and physical appearance that enhance the attractiveness of the subject.

Testosterone – the Hormone of Intense Energy and Pleasure

The main fuel of male sexual performance, male testosterone is the source of strength, and generator of differences in behavior and appearance of women and men. Lately, the term of “masculinity hormone” is more often used.

Increasingly more American doctors believe that administration of testosterone could be the future solution to female sexual dysfunction. Although it is regarded with suspicion by some specialists, hormone replacement therapy is warranted because the woman’s body secretes testosterone in an amount ten times smaller than that produced by the male body.

Responsible for secretion of male hormones in the female body are the ovaries and testosterone product maintains healthy bones, skin, muscles and internal organs. Is a beneficial source of energy, stimulates memory and contribution in maintaining tone.

Female Testosterone

Another great benefit of stimulating the secretion of testosterone is muscle development, which in many cases means enviable tissues without little cellulite. Women feel on their skin the benefits of testosterone particularly during sex, the hormone being also responsible for libido and orgasm quality.

It is these benefits that are the reasons why many doctors recommend hormonal replacement therapy in patients with low testosterone levels. It’s mostly women over 40 who face a decrease in vitality, muscle tone and excessive accumulation of fat. Lower testosterone levels are found in women who underwent surgery for removal of the ovaries or those using long-term oral contraceptives.

Injections for Libido

Any hormonal therapy must be preceded by blood tests that emphasize all the hormones in a woman’s body. They must be kept in balance and therefore testosterone administration must take into account the global secretion of hormones.

With all the benefits of testosterone therapy, many questions still remain related to the administration of this hormone. One of the fears is related to masculinity. Also, some doctors wonder if the sexual enhancement and cellulite removal could generate addictive therapies with testosterone.

Experts estimate that, in many cases, administration of testosterone must be accompanied by other hormones, in order to avoid serious hormonal imbalances, acne, excessive hair growth and infertility.